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UAS Inspection

Advanced Analysis

​Eliminate the dangers to line workers, inspect more often and collect more data, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure patrol.

More inspections means more data. More data means better predictive modeling, increasing reliability and decreasing lifecycle costs.

Inspections. Optimized.

Inspect more, expect more, pay less. Peak operational efficiencies provide the best value, stunning quality, and thorough reports.

Patrol as a Service (PaaS)

Patrol as a Service (Paas) is an end-to-end, Seraph exclusive, Quality Control (QC) solution, from inspection to predictive analysis.

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The Seraph Advantage

Stack the Deck in your Favor

Sustainment accounts for 70% of an asset’s lifecycle cost. With a full house of white glove service, support, and in-house professional crew, we offer a turn-key approach to Inspection and Preventative Maintenance.

Not Better

The Best

‘Cheaper’ doesn’t quite capture it. Without the ownership, maintenance, insurance and regulatory compliance costs of our crewed competitors, our services are a fraction of the price.

More Often

Maximize your deliverable per dollar. With lower unit costs, we’re able to inspect more often than our crewed competitors. Increase the likelihood of capturing an issue before it becomes a failure.


Every crewmember on the job has undergone extensive scenario-based training, passed the UAG knowledge exam, and is a licensed commercial remote pilot under FAA Title 14 of the CFR Part 107. Our team of pilots and line worker has a flawless NTSB record with no FAA incidents.

Simple Pricing


Our simplified approach to valuing our products and services results in transparent and predictable quotes for our customers. All jobs are priced per transmission tower

More Data

More data means better models. Improve the reliability of your infrastructure by more accurately predicting failures and performing preventative maintenance. Repeat inspections increases data points verifies our predictive models.

Not Safe

The Safest

Our fleet of uncrewed aircraft allow crewmembers to perform all tasks from a safe and significant standoff. It eliminates nearly all hazards to line workers and the public. Unlike traditional bucket or crewed aircraft inspection, it makes injury or death a thing of the past.

Product Catalog

With our catalog-style pricing, you only pay for what you want. We offer everything from raw imagery to predictive failure and preventative maintenance analysis. Future services include vegetation management, route optimization and 3D mapping.

Better Models

Why put your personnel and equipment in harm’s way? Professionally operated UAS Power Patrol crews mitigate highwire climbs and manned flight in close proximity to lines.


We only use industry leading property and casualty (P&C) insurance specific to the unmanned aircraft and infrastructure industries. Unlike our crewed competitors, we’ve never had an incident. In the exceedingly unlikely chance we do, you and your assets are covered.

What We Do

What We Do

Industrial Grade

UAS that go the distance, with range and endurance to interupt the crewed inspection industry. All-weather UAS operate in inclement weather, rain, snow, and wind ensuring uninterrupted inspections, despite the conditions.


Advanced Sensing

An arsenal of UAS-mounted advanced sensors collect a wide range of data types from visual (electro optical, infrared) to geo-spacial (LiDAR, IMU, GPS) resulting in identification of vegetation encroachment, early fault detection and grid mapping.

Flawless Record

UAS inspection has never harmed anyone, while manned inspection has a morbid record or death, injury & property damage. UAS inspection has never damaged infrastructure, while most manned aircraft accidents are a result of wire or tower collision.


Who We Are

Who We Are

Professional Crew

Our team consists of highly trained personnel from the line worker, aviation, energy, and civil engineering communities. They are experts at consistent performance under any circumstance. When we’re not operating, we’re training.


Our entire team undergoes a rigorous candidacy process that would deter the average prospect. Our crews are all thoroughly vetted to ensure they can be trusted with the nation’s grid.


Our team comes from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds.  We reward big, divergent ideas and dismiss group think. We are your neighbors, likely your customers, and we care passionately about delivering the utilities families need.

Be The Catalyst


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