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Drone First Responders (DFR)

DFR as a Service (Daas)

With more capability than traditional airborne support and near-immediate response times at a fraction of the cost, Seraph's DFR is a public safety cheat code. Never again send first responders into harms way without having a full understanding of the situation. 

Forget initial investments, training and sustainment. Let Seraph do the work for you. An industry-first, pilot-included, subscription-based model to DFR. We assume all responsibility and liability for our equipment, service and personnel. 

Influence Outcomes

With actionable intelligence, resulting in controlled, decisive responses. 

Pilots Included

DFR as a Service (Daas) is an all-inclusive, Seraph exclusive, subscription-based public safety solution. 

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The Seraph Advantage

Stack the Deck in your Favor

Sustainment accounts for 70% of a program's cost. With a full house of white glove service, support and in-house professional pilots, we offer a turn-key approach to Drones as First Responders (DFR).


Seraph offers an industry-first, all-inclusive solution, pioneering DFR as a Service (DaaS). No training, no initial investment, and no implementation time. 


Live streaming, 360°, top down view of the scene with professional operators providing real-time assessment of the situation. 

Respond First

Rapidly launched, aerial vehicles fly directly to the scene without obstacles. Mobile dock stations can quickly relocate to further reduce transit times in response to local demand. 


When responding officers have a clear understanding of the dangers present at a scene, they are better equipped to de-escalate the situation quickly and safely.

Public Trust

Overt operations, secure evidence collection and information availability restore confidence in the system, while ensuring the events are correctly represented, documenting a 3rd-person perspective.

What We Do

What We Do


Our all-weather drones operate in inclement weather, including rain, snow, and wind. They can withstand harsh elements ensuring rapid response times, despite the weather conditions. 

Proven Infrastructure

We leverage industry-leading drone management and collaboration systems with proven evidence collection tools in a secure cloud, providing managed access to first responders and dispatcher. 

Actionable Intelligence

We provide actionable intelligence directly to key decision makers, resulting in manageable risks and de-escalation. Influence outcomes with controlled, decisive responses. 

Who We Are

Who We Are

Professional Pilots

Our certified public safety drone pilots are highly trained personnel from the aviation, emergency management and first responder communities. They are experts at performing under the operational stress of a first response scenario. 


Our team is cleared to handle Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES), Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). We leverage systems specifically designed to manage this sensitive information to meet the highest levels of evidence management. 


Our team comes from a wide range of cultural, racial, and professional backgrounds.  We reward big, divergent ideas and dismiss group think. We are civilians, your neighbors and we care passionately about first responder safety. 

Be The Catalyst


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